Gregory’s Paletti – Repaired!

Paletti repaired

About ten years ago, a car struck Gregory from behind, leaving him badly injured and his treasured Paletti unrideable. Even with the left stays badly damaged and the down tube slightly buckled, this repair was fairly straightforward (no pun intended). Fortunately, the left dropout was salvageable, although the chrome plating was not. And, even more fortunate, the fork was unscathed.

Splicing in new stay ends and reattaching the salvaged Campagnolo horizontal dropout was straightforward, with some learned advice from the the inimitable Chris Kvale, who also provided the plating and paint restoration. Repairing the buckled down tube took a bit of elbow grease, but was managed without replacing it. The drivetrain was updated from 8-speed to 10-speed, with new cassette and shift/brake levers. The end result was breathtaking and smile-inducing, as you can see.