2018 Great Lakes Mac & Cheese 1200k

The Great Lakes Randonneurs and the Detroit Randonneurs worked together to put on an amazing grand randonnée. Fun was had by all. I enjoyed being the “official” photographer of the event, but have to say that the riders and volunteers made my task very easy with all their good humor and bright smiles:

As I go through all the photos (there are thousands), I’ll be posting the “best” ones here: If I only have one photo of a particular rider or volunteer and it’s blurry, I’ll still post it; otherwise, I’m only posting clear photos. I’m making an effort to identify each rider and volunteer for posterity. If you notice that a rider or volunteer is not identified, or incorrectly identified, in a photo, please send me an e-mail with the correct information so that I can update this gallery accordingly. Thank you!