Vincent Domínguez Cycles was founded by me, Vincent Domínguez. I founded my workshop in 2003, following nearly two years of training from Paul Wyganowski as a builder of steel bicycle frames.

I have been designing and building custom, high-quality steel cycle framesets since producing my first frameset in 2002, which won an award for “Best Fillet-brazed” at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in 2011.

Following an additional four years of practice to hone my skills, the first custom bicycle I delivered to a customer was completed in 2007: A fully fillet-brazed “duplicate” of my first frame for a much taller, differently proportioned rider, with a few additional custom details.

My background also includes many years happily toiling in bicycle service, rider fitting, and bicycle retail, and encompasses many thousands of on-the-road miles of experience actually riding bicycles, with several decades of experience fabricating large and small items (functional and decorative) in a variety of materials.

Originally located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Vincent Domínguez Cycles has moved operations several times, most recently sharing space with Peacock Groove in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Vincent Domínguez Cycles is now established at my super-secret, fully operational, not-at-all-evil lair dedicated to creating custom, soundly-engineered, hand-made, human-powered works of art, in the form of bicycles, tricycles, and recumbents, for discerning people everywhere.

Each custom frameset and custom-made accessory is hand-made with the utmost care and precision, and with an attention to detail that meets my exacting quality, operational, and aesthetic standards. My “Rabbit-Proof Guaranty” is assurance of the highest, uncompromising quality: A lifetime warranty proudly covers every custom bicycle frameset and cycling accessory I make.

I build every one of my custom steel frames by hand: Each frameset is designed as part of a whole, unique cycle, specifically for you; each frameset is built to fit you and to accommodate your fitness levels and goals; each frameset is designed and built to match your riding style and is suited to its intended purpose; each frameset is designed around the componentry selected for your cycle in order to optimize its functioning, handling, and ride characteristics; each frameset is always built with meticulous care and attention to detail; and, of course, each frameset is designed and built to provide a lifetime of utility and enjoyment. Everything about a “Domínguez” may be completely custom-tailored to you, according to your taste, budget, and material constraints.

Vincent Domínguez Cycles specializes in fully integrated bicycles and recumbents for long-distance events, such as brevets and grand randonnées, but also builds racing bicycles for off-road, on-road, and track, as well as creating commuting and utility cycles.

My signature, made-to-measure framesets are labeled “Domínguez”, and my line of limited-edition, off-the-shelf, complete bicycles are labeled “Rogue Rabbit”. Which might lead you to wonder, “what’s the difference?”:

A Vincent Domínguez frameset is “made-to-measure”, which means the frameset is made to fit a particular individual and that individual’s specific ride requirements and riding goals, also taking into account the components specified by the customer. Everything about a “Domínguez” is completely custom-tailored to the individual: Tubing, findings, color, geometry, components, etc. This web site provides you with information about my custom-made cycles only.

A “Rogue Rabbit” is not “made-to-measure”, which means the entire bicycle is sized and built according to the specifications developed for that particular model (rather than for a specific individual), available in one or more standard, proportional sizes (meaning the design considers “average” human proportions for differing heights), and adaptable to a wide range of humans. There are a few options available on a “Rogue Rabbit”: A choice of standard frame sizes, colors, and stem lengths. Pedals and saddle are not included, unless specified. Visit my “Rogue Rabbit” web site for more information.

Vincent Domínguez Cycles offers: Custom, hand-made framesets and complete bicycles, tricycles, and recumbents; custom stems, racks, and touring accessories; custom utility and touring trailers; framebuilding findings; frame repair services (steel frames only); bicycle-related design and fabrication services in a variety of media.

To get me started designing your favorite bicycle, tricycle, or recumbent, please contact me via e-mail.

Please use the menus and follow the links on this web site to discover more about the hand-crafted bicycle framesets and cycling accessories available from Vincent Domínguez Cycles or go directly to the Gallery pages to see examples of some of my work.