Gary’s Bicycle


The latest (2016) Domínguez cycle to leave the workshop: A 650b randonneuring bicycle named “Ginobob” by its owner, Gary. The frame features a full set of braze-ons; internally routed rear brake cable; internally routed dérailleur cables; post-mount disc brakes; internally routed headlight wiring; and, clearance for 42mm 650b tires. Erik Noren welded the steel plate […]

Michele’s Bicycle

Michele came to me in the summer of 2012 with a request for a 700c randonneuring bicycle similar to her Waterford, but with a traditional diamond frame (non-sloping top tube), S&S couplers for travel, a more comfortable ride and better fit. This build initially took a year in its first manifestation, and evolved into a […]

David’s Bicycle

David's Bicycle

David waited patiently for his bicycle for nearly two years. This was my first frame with post-mount disc brakes, and a lot of work went into making the mounts blend in with the Shimano dropouts and fork ends To accommodate David’s physical strength and ride preferences, the frame is made with heavy-gauge Tange tubing and […]