Frame #3

This frame is presented to document my early frame-building adventures. This frame was built for my first client, my dentist, Paul. He stands 185cm (6′ 1″) tall, with a long torso and reach, and had been unable to find any off-the-shelf bicycles to fit him well.

In 2003, upon seeing Frame #1, he asked that I build him a frame just like it. Except, built to fit him, of course. And, he wanted Campagnolo parts instead of Shimano. I added a unique embellishment to the seat cluster (the polished stainless ring that follows the cut of the seatpost socket) specifically for him.

Due to working a full-time day job, and not one to rush things, this frame was more than three years in the making, plus several months at paint. Paul was very patient. I am very grateful that all of my clients have been very patient.

All the tubes, except the chain stays (Columbus EL), are Tange Prestige. The fork crown, seat cluster embellishment, and seat stay caps are polished stainless steel. The front ends and dropouts are G.P. Wilson super-light castings with stainless steel faces added to increase the thickness of the clamping faces (this prevents exposing the skewer threads past the end of the skewer nut). Top tube length is 60.5cm; seat tube length (center-to-center) is 55cm.

In addition to the usual braze-ons, a Columbine chain hanger is used, as well as multiple custom-fabricated braze-ons for the front- and rear-wheel computer (Campagnolo Ergo Brain) sensors and computer sensor cable guides. In addition, this was the first use of my custom-made, stainless steel “gear” water bottle boss reinforcements.

Like Frame #1, this frame is painted red (Imron #51078) by Joe Bell:

The frame was built up with a mix of Campagnolo Record and Chorus components. Wheels were hand-built by Colorado Cyclist with Mavic CXP-33, black-anodized rims, DT Swiss spokes, and Campagnolo Records hubs. Crankset, brakes, headset, and brake/shift levers are Campagnolo Record. The cassette, dérailleurs, pedals, and bottom bracket bearing assembly are Campagnolo Chorus. Tires are Vredestein Fortezza 700c x 25mm.

This bicycle has been displayed at the Minnesota Bicycle Trade and Fitness Exposition in 2007; at the NAHBS in 2009; at Minnecycle in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2016; and, at Third Thursday: Bike Night at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in 2013(?).


All photos were taken with a Nikon D100 digital camera (6MP).