Welcome to the Vincent Domínguez Cycles website. Here you will find specifications and ordering information about my hand-crafted bicycle frames, complete bicycles and recumbents, and cycling accessories.

Vincent Domínguez Cycles specializes in fully integrated bicycles and recumbents for long-distance events, such as brevets and grand randonnées; racing bicycles for on the road, off-road, and track; and fully integrated commuting bicycles.

Please follow the links on this site to discover more about the hand-crafted bicycle frames and cycling accessories available from Vincent Domínguez Cycles or go directly to the Gallery pages to see examples of some of my work.

Thank you for visiting!

– Vincent.


Glimpse of a road bicycle in the classic style (ca. 2006).


  • 2022: Happy New Year! (2022 January 3) - Wishing everyone all the best in the new year! Due to enjoying my sabbatical so much, I have extended it until  May 3, 2022. However, I am again accepting new custom frame and bicycle orders for the build queue. General bicycle repair and service are available by appointment, as usual. Warranty service is, of course,… Continue reading 2022: Happy New Year!
  • Site Updates (2021 April 3) - Yes, I’m still on sabbatical. But, I managed to update the web site in preparation for more regular postings from the workshop. Until next year, updates will still be infrequent, but they will be happening. So, if you have any interest in my work, please feel free to check in every few months to see… Continue reading Site Updates
  • Sabbatical (2016 May 31) - Vincent Domínguez Cycles will be on sabbatical from June 1, 2016, until January 3, 2022. No new orders are being accepted during this time, but orders in the current build queue will be completed as planned. General bicycle repair services are available by appointment, as usual. Warranty service is, of course, always available. Please check… Continue reading Sabbatical
  • NAHBS 2011 (2011 March 7) - Domínguez Cycles was awarded “Best Fillet-Brazed” at the 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show held in Austin, Texas. What a surprise that was! The award was given for the first frameset I ever built: Thanks to all the nice people who made their ways to Austin and stopped by my booth for a chat. You’re… Continue reading NAHBS 2011