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Handmade Bicycles

Domínguez Handmade Bicycles

At Domínguez Cycles, we love bicycles and riding bicycles! We especially love riding bicycles built around finely made, hand-crafted steel frames. Wouldn’t you like to ride one too? To that end, I offer one-of-a-kind bicycles built around my handmade steel bicycle frames and forks, with my six-point gaurantee:

• Every Domínguez bicycle is custom-fitted to, or custom-made-to-order, for one particular rider.

• Every Domínguez bicycle is built around a Domínguez hand-crafted steel frame and fork, meant for a lifetime of riding joy.

• Every Domínguez bicycle embodies value in its high-quality fit and finish, long-lasting durability, high performance, and high-quality after-sale service.

• Every Domínguez bicycle is designed, constructed, assembled, and tuned in-house to provide the best possible long-term reliability and function.

• Every Domínguez bicycle uses only high-quality components from around the world to optimize performance, reliability, maintainability, comfort, and aesthetics.

• Every Domínguez bicycle is covered by my Rabbit-Proof Guaranty.

In addition to complete bicycles built around my fully custom, handmade steel bicycle frames and forks, I offer a line of complete bicycles built around some of my favorite, customizable designs: my “Rogue Rabbit” series of Domínguez bicycles.

My “Rogue Rabbit” series of Domínguez bicycles is a limited release of complete bicycles. The Rogue Rabbit style means: cable-actuated shifting (if any) and brakes; down tube- or stem- or bar end-mounted shift levers (if any); ten or fewer rear cogs; primarily all-metal parts (no carbon fiber parts except pre-2008); 120-130mm rear axle spacing; rim brakes or fixed-gear; quill stems and threaded steerers; hand-built, metal-spoked (stainless steel) bolt-on or quick-release wheels; and, lugged or fillet-brazed steel frames and forks.

The “Rogue Rabbit” series of Domínguez bicycles is available in several models suited to a specific ride or performance category: “Road“, “Track”, “Randonnée”, or “Mountain”. All are built as unique, one-of-a-kind bicycles, usually equipped with new, old-stock components and finished in unique color schemes.

Every Domínguez bicycle in the “Rogue Rabbit” series is based on a stock design that is suitable for a specific purpose and customizable to a specific rider.

For more individualized designs, feel free to request a quote for a completely custom Domínguez bicycle designed and built just for you!

These are the current Domínguez handmade bicycles available to order now:

(New) Domínguez – “Amerigo” (Road) (58cm x 56.5cm)

(New) Domínguez – “Electric Dreams” (Road) (58cm x 56.5cm)

(New) Domínguez – Custom (Road) (52cm x 55cm)

(New) Domínguez – “Rogue Rabbit” (Randonnée) (56cm x 55.5cm)

Anticipated shipping availability (availability) is shown under the “Ordering” section on the page for that particular model.

Every Domínguez bicycle is available as a custom-made-to-order frame and fork only, or as a complete bicycle with suitable components of your choice at no or nominal additional cost.

Prices are as listed, but subject to change and open to reasonable offers. Prices do not include shipping, which is covered by the buyer.