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Stan Johnson | Refurbished Bicycles

Custom – “City” - Single-Speed Commuter

$3,000 or Best Offer – Refurbished – Very Good Condition
Stan Johnson City Bicycle A rare Stan Johnson handmade steel frame, refurbished and equipped for city and rail-trail riding.

A refurbished collector's bicycle equipped with a mix of new (where noted below) and refurbished high-end components. Configured as a single-speed city commuter and tuned for all-around fun, it won't sit idle for long! For ordering, inquiries, or to make an offer, send me an e-mail today!

This bicycle is built around a refurbished, custom steel frameset, handmade by Stan Johnson in Oxnard, California (now in Bozeman, Montana). A true collector's item! It was originally commissioned in 1989 and ridden for fourteen years, serving as an early season fixed-gear training bicycle and commuter until 2003. In 2003, this one-owner Stan Johnson frameset was stripped of paint with the intention of refinishing it for sale, but its restoration was postponed for twenty years due to other priorities.

The frame is made from durable Columbus SP tubing throughout, bronze-fillet brazed. Fitted with Campagnolo track ends, front and rear. The fork is drilled for brakes and the seat stays have a brake bridge, as this bicycle was originally for road use. The frame was inspected, alignment-checked, and prepared for a new coat of paint in 2023: Zinc-phosphate rust inhibitor and a bright yellow, durable powder coat finish were applied by Paul Wyganowski. All threads were chased and bearing surfaces faced in-house after finish was applied.

This rare frame is equipped with: a Shimano Dura-Ace sealed-bearing headset and Spécialités T.A. Axix bottom bracket bearing assembly with stainless steel spindle and sealed bearings; sealed-bearing Phil Wood hubs, laced to Mavic CXP-33 rims with DT Swiss stainless steel spokes; a Spécialités T.A. 175mm crankset fitted with a 44-tooth chainring drives a new Shimano 18-tooth freewheel through a Wipperman 108 (1/2 x 1/8") nickel-plated chain; Specialized Milano anatomic saddle on a Ritchey WCS seatpost provide long-term comfort; a Nitto Technomic high-rise stem supports new Velo-Orange Porteur handlebars wrapped with new Cinelli Cork Ribbon; new Tektro RX4.1 brake levers are linked to new Campagnolo Record D (ca. 2004) side-pull brakes with new Shimano housings and new stainless steel cables, providing excellent stopping power. All used parts were over-hauled and the bicycle was assembled and tuned in-house.

assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_02.png Stan Johnson city bicycle, drive-side view.
assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_02.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_03.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_04.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_05.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_06.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_07.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_08.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_09.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_10.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_11.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_12.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_13.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_14.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_15.png assets/images/products/skj-city/bicycle/skj_bicycle_16.png

Tires shown in the photo are for test-ride purposes only. The bicycle is sold and equipped with new Grand Bois Cyprès 700c x 30mm tires for a delightful, comfortable ride.

Suitable for riders with a 760mm-840mm (30”-33”) inseam who enjoy a moderately upright position. Geared for moderate fitness levels and gentle hills, with the occasional steep climb. The rear hub is equipped with a Shimano freewheel, but this bicycle is also available with fixed cog (EAI 17-tooth) and Phil Wood lockring (both in very good condition) for those who prefer a fixed-gear, at no additional cost.