Soundly engineered, hand-made, human-powered works of art.


Title Image Glimpse of a classic-style road bicycle (ca. 2010).

Welcome to the Domínguez Cycles website. Here you will find specifications and ordering information about hand-crafted bicycle frames from Domínguez Cycles, complete bicycles and recumbents, cycling accessories, and other products.

Domínguez Cycles also offers new, refurbished, and used accessories, bicycles, equipment, frames, parts, recumbents, and tools from various artisans and manufacturers – these are listed on the Products page when available.

Please follow the links on this site to discover more about the hand-crafted bicycle frames and cycling accessories available from Domínguez Cycles, or go directly to the Gallery pages to see examples of some of my work.

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More Site Updates

Change is inevitable.

The web site has finally been converted from WordPress. WordPress was a bit too cumbersome, so I switched to something else.

The new web site is powered by the Boodleware (that’s an uninformative link, by the way, so don’t bother to click on it) database framework. This will be simpler for me to maintain and still lets me focus on creating things. The web site uses MySQL as the database engine, for now.

Web site updates will be on-going for the forseeable future, as I make progress in the workshop and as I continue to refine the code. As soon as I have more content, the corresponding menus will become functional and useful pages will magically appear! (It’s just this one posting updates though.)

For the two or three people who visit my site every few years, thanks for visiting!