Soundly engineered, hand-made, human-powered works of art.




Every now and then, I have bicycles available.

Some are new, custom bicycles:

(New) Domínguez – “Amerigo” (Road) (58cm x 56.5cm)

(New) Domínguez – “Electric Dreams” (Road) (58cm x 56.5cm)

(New) Domínguez – Custom (Road) (52cm x 55cm)

(New) Domínguez – “Rogue Rabbit” (Randonnée) (56cm x 55.5cm)

Some are especially good used bicycles, all of which have been refurbished as close to new as my abilities allow. You might find some bargains here or some rare finds:

(Bargain) Hed – “R1c” (Road) (48cm x 52cm)

(Rare) Stan Johnson – “City” (Single-Speed) (52cm x 61.5cm)

Prices are as listed, but subject to change and open to reasonable offers. Prices do not include shipping, which is covered by the buyer.