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“R1c” – Road

$825 (Discounted from $1,500!) – Refurbished – Like New

SRAM Rival-Equipped Road Bicycle

Hed R1c Road Bicycle An SRAM Rival-equipped road bicycle built around a Hed R1c carbon-fiber frame and fork.

A gently used road bicycle built around a small-sized Hed R1c carbon-fiber frame and fork. An affordable, light-weight (about 8kg/18lbs.), high-performance road bicycle with mid-range, high-quality parts in a smaller frame size.

This bicycle has less than 100 miles on the frame and parts, but has some scratches from being in the workshop over the years to fit and measure riders for new custom frames.

Generally suitable for riders 155cm to 170cm tall, depending on leg length and reach.

The frame is made from carbon fiber with molded-in-place aluminum bottom bracket sleeve threaded insert (BSA) and aluminum seat post insert for the seat tube. The fork is carbon fiber with an aluminum threadless (28.6mm/1-1/8") steerer.

Pedals are not included, but are available separately. Or, provide your own pedals!


assets/images/products/hed-r1c/hed_r1c_0307.png Top tube decal.
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This bicycle is equipped with first-generation (10-speed) SRAM Rival dérailleurs, brakes, cassette, and Double-Tap brake/shift levers; Wheelsmith-built wheels with Shimano Ultegra hubs, Wheelsmith spokes, and Mavic OpenPro rims; Terry Butterfly saddle. Most of the parts are slightly used with the exception of new parts, which are unused. New parts include: tires, chain, handlebar tape, handlebar ends, stem, and seatpost.

Components are fitted and tuned in-house.


When placing your order, please also provide your inseam and height measurements so that we can fit the appropriate size stem for you. After purchase, the steerer tube is cut to the appropriate length at the time of fitting the bicycle to you, or at a later time by appointment, at no extra cost to you.

Availability: ships in 2-3 days from receipt of payment.

To purchase this gently used Hed R1c SRAM-equipped bicycle, you can order it via eBay. Or you can order it from me directly (please include your shipping location so I can include a shipping estimate, too), or if you need more information about it or would like to set up an appointment† for a test ride, please send me an e-mail with the particulars: click here to open your default e-mail application with the appropriate subject line filled in; the rest is up to you!

† Please bring your own pedals and shoes. We will provide the appropriate length stem for the test ride. Bring your own saddle too, if you prefer.