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Sugino AT Crankset

$90 – Used – Like New

Touring – Triple Chainring

assets/images/products/parts/cranksets/sugino-at/sugino-at-1.png Front side: 170mm crank arms; 26/47/52T chainrings.
assets/images/products/parts/cranksets/sugino-at/sugino-at-1.png assets/images/products/parts/cranksets/sugino-at/sugino-at-2.png assets/images/products/parts/cranksets/sugino-at/sugino-at-3.png assets/images/products/parts/cranksets/sugino-at/sugino-at-4.png

Sugino forged aluminum crank arms – 170mm length. Fitted with Sugino chainrings (26/47/52T). A light, durable crankset in like-new condition – some shop wear and chain marks on the chainrings. An excellent touring crankset. Recommended for use with 127.5mm, JIS square-taper bottom bracket spindle, not included.

Campagnolo Record Crankset

$100 – Used – Very Good Condition

Road – Double Chainring

assets/images/products/parts/cranksets/record-10/record-10-1.png Front side: 180mm crank arms; Spécialités T.A. 39/51T chainrings.
assets/images/products/parts/cranksets/record-10/record-10-1.png assets/images/products/parts/cranksets/record-10/record-10-2.png assets/images/products/parts/cranksets/record-10/record-10-3.png

Campagnolo Record forged aluminum crank arms – 180mm length. Fitted with Spécialités Vento chainrings (39/51T). A light, durable crankset in very good condition.

Recommended for use with 102mm, ISO square-taper bottom bracket spindle, not included.

Campagnolo Super Record Crankset

$600 – New, Old Stock, In Box (2011)

Model FC11-SR893C (0806176)

assets/images/products/parts/cranksets/super-record-11/super-record-11-1.png New, old stock, in box: 180mm crankarms; 39/53T chainrings.
assets/images/products/parts/cranksets/super-record-11/super-record-11-1.png assets/images/products/parts/cranksets/super-record-11/super-record-11-2.png

Campagnolo Super Record 11 carbon-fiber crankset – 180mm crank arm length. Fitted with Campagnolo Super Record aluminum chainrings (39/53T). Stainless steel Ultra-Torque integrated spindle.

For use with Campagnolo Super Record Ultra-Torque external bottom bracket cups, not included.