Welcome to the Vincent Domínguez Cycles website.

Vincent Domínguez Cycles is a one-person operation founded and run by me, Vincent Domínguez. I have been designing and building custom, high-quality steel bicycle framesets since 2002. Located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Vincent Domínguez Cycles is dedicated to creating soundly-engineered, hand-made, human-powered works of art, in the form of bicycles, for people everywhere.

Each custom frameset and custom-made accessory is hand-made by me with care, precision, and an attention to detail that meets my exacting quality, operational, and aesthetic standards. My “Rabbit-Proof Guaranty” is my assurance of the highest quality: a limited lifetime warranty proudly covers every custom bicycle frameset and cycling accessory I make.

Vincent Domínguez Cycles builds unique bicycles that fit their owners: each frameset is designed and built to fit you and to accommodate your fitness levels and goals; each frameset is designed and built to match your riding style and is suited to its intended purpose; each frameset is designed around the componentry selected for your bicycle in order to optimize its functioning, handling and ride characteristics; each frameset is always built with meticulous care and attention to detail; and, of course, each frameset is designed and built to provide a lifetime of utility and enjoyment.

Vincent Domínguez Cycles offers: custom, hand-made framesets and bicycles; custom racks and touring accessories; custom utility and touring trailers; framebuilding findings; frame repair services (steel frames only); design and fabrication services.

Vincent Domínguez Cycles specializes in fully integrated bicycles for long-distance events, such as brevets and grand randonnées; racing bicycles for off-road, on-road, and track; and fully integrated commuting bicycles.

To get me started designing your favorite bicycle, please contact me at 651.214.9903.

Please follow the links on this page to discover more about the hand-crafted bicycle framesets and cycling accessories available from Vincent Domínguez Cycles or go directly to the Gallery pages to see examples of some of my work.

Thanks for visiting.

– Vincent.

NAHBS 2011 (Austin, Texas) [2011 March 7]

Vincent Domínguez Cycles was awarded “Best Fillet-Brazed” at the 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show held in Austin, Texas.

What a surprise that was! The award was given for the first frameset I ever built:

Photo courtesy of handmadebicycleshow.com.

Thanks to all the nice people who made their ways to Austin and stopped by my booth for a chat. You’re the reason I came to NAHBS. It was sure nice talking with all of you – I hope you all had a great time!

And, a big “Thanks!” to Lesley Schommer and Don Walker for organizing and hosting the show and making us all feel welcome and part of a big family. Of course, thanks to Erik, Matt, Dave, Chris, and Randall for working together to spread the “nice” in Minnesota at the show.

And, finally, congratulations to Dave Anderson for being awarded “President’s Choice” for his 953, brushed-finish, touring bicycle!

Web Site Updates [2013 February 5]

It’s been a while since the last site update and much has taken place: frames were made, bikes were built and ridden, feedback was given, and improvements are continually made. Please take a look at the Gallery pages for more examples of my work and feedback from owners. Because I’m busy building and riding, changes to the web site will continue to be few and far between. Nevertheless, please check back periodically because I endeavor to post photos and descriptions of works completed and in progress.